What to do and what to see

You can

  • Spend a day at the archaeological park of San Silvestro (discount for our guests)
  • Visit the archaeological museum of Populonia
  • Visit the Sea museum and aquarium ( only by appointment)
  • Visit the Leonardian walls and Piombino castle.
  • Spend a day at the archaeological park of Baratti and Populonia
  • Visit the etruscan museum of Populonia
  • Visit the wildlife reserve of Orti Bottagone, the reign of migratory birds. Birdwatchers can use boardwalks to get closer to the precious birdlife.
  • Spend a day at Elba island ( ferry takes one hour, and if you leave early in the morning you can spend all day long there)
  • Admire the Rocca Aldobrandesca castle
  • Hiking, horseback riding, ride a bike, visit wineries, relax at the thermal baths, sunbathe on the beach and dive in cristal clear waters.

There are some itineraries that starts from Il Temperino. These are storic itineraries, characterized by culture and unique charm that will bring you in a suggestive world made of shafts, tunnels and ancient melting furnaces. Historical evidences from IX Sec ac make this area very attractive, intriguing, and almost unique.

At Il Temperino you won’t feel only like a lazy holiday maker, you will be an attentive and smart traveller!



To rediscover a relaxed tourism in the nature, with a lot of benefits for your body and mind, we propose to you to visit a very special website:

Centro Guide Costa Etrusca:  I Prossimi Appuntamenti

Mountain Bike

mountain bike

If you are on holiday but you don’t have your loyal bicycle with you, don’t worry! You can rent a high quality bike here and enjoy your bike ride along the Costa degli Etruschi itineraries.

Thank to the collaboration with Universo Bike in San Vincenzo (LI), you can choose the model of bicycle that you prefer the most. The bike will be delivered directly at our facility.

What are you waiting for? Book your stay, and Universo Bike will find the right bike for you!